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And i don’t actually feel smart in the slightest, i think i’m just the product of Gloriatee’s Why so scared Jack Skellington Joker t-shirt and things like time management sound like bs but are actually incredibly vital to succeeding at the tertiary level of education, and it’s surprising how people are so busy looking for  smartness  and miss the basic things they could work on for free at any time like  sleeping more  and  prioritising  and  making lists  and so on. They don’t sound like the key but those who do none of those things and have no history of truly putting the work first above literally everything else in life, won’t have the same results as those that have done that a very long time.

My BF give me Why so scared Jack Skellington Joker t-shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

And when i say  put the work first  i don’t mean those who take no-doz and stay up all night to do the work, because that’s not putting christmas longsleeve first, that’s actually putting it last. I never once had to stay up all night and i studied at university for 8 years full time to achieve three degrees. It’s because i never went to parties, never went to have  coffee  with people, and in fact have never drunk a coffee at all never had family commitments and even managed to give up much of my hobbies when things like my thesis were on the go, that i could get first class honours without losing sleep either.

Why so scared Jack Skellington Joker t-shirt
Gloriatee’s ladies shirt

Not because i was smart, but because i chose to let many other things go by the wayside so that the study could come first. Not that i’m advocating that everyone has to prioritise like this at all, it’s not necessary to pass, but if you want  top  marks, you may have to do that. Big fish, small pond. Small fish, big pong. But just getting into west point is huge. Plus they have a superior course curriculum and must participate in a sport and military training. Adjusting to a new life cannot be easy, especially at west point where everyone is an all around brilliant student. And you can bet the christmas shirt are the best also as proven by his story. Best wishes to you and your fellow cadets 🇺🇸

Let’s take this Why so scared Jack Skellington Joker t-shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

You are not alone in this experience. I worked in admissions for 10 years at a top university. We would note how you could make the cut-off for competitive programs, like engineering and accounting, at 98. It is really interesting when everyone who was at the top gets thrown together. The disney halloween shirts adults and the hard workers are quickly identified and thrive. Most others struggle to identify who am i. Why am i here. What am i worth any more. It’s why we always said coming to university before you’ve had a chance to see the world and find the problem you want to solve is a big risk.

Why so scared Jack Skellington Joker t-shirt
Gloriatee’s longsleeve shirt

Without a clear purpose and at such a young age, t-shirt couple is hard to overcome those doubts and the deep confusion. How fortunate to have found a great mentor and to have found your focus. May you enjoy every success that comes your Why so scared Jack Skellington Joker t-shirt after all that hard work. And don’t forget to call your mom.